Team Animaniacs
Who We Are
Why We Love Camp Casco

"I volunteered for a rock climbing event with Camp Casco at my gym one weekend and fell in love with all of the kids that came to climb. Even with everything they were going through, they were all smiles and more determined to reach the top than anyone else in the gym. I can't wait for camp to run around and sing all of our campfire songs!" -Emma

“Camp Casco holds such a special place in my heart. As the Camp Director, I get to see the impact this organization has on our kids first hand. Camp Casco has provided kids the opportunity to forget about the hospital, forget about the tests, and focus on being a kid. I’ve also been lucky enough to witness new friendships being formed by a common experience. These kids now have a community of other kids who understand what they have gone through in a way that their friends at school cannot. There’s nothing more magical than that kind of bond.” -Krystin

“I was looking to volunteer for a local organization that supported cancer patients, and I could not have found a better group than Camp Casco. They are endlessly compassionate, caring, fun, and silly, and really support the kids and their families year round. The kids love every minute that they get to spend with our volunteers, and we love every time we get to see them!” -Summer

“Providing resources for children and families affected by pediatric cancer has long been an important cause for me. However, the travel and work required for my job made it hard to volunteer in person. Being a member of Camp Casco’s Grant Committee allows me to stay connected to this cause, and has been an amazing opportunity to work with some of the most fun, caring, and selfless people! I am so happy to be able to help acquire even just a portion of the funds that make camp and other Casco events possible for the kids and their families.” -Lauren