Team Flintstones
Who We Are
Why We Love Camp Casco

Camp is more than arts and crafts, campfires, and swimming (though those are super fun!). Camp is a place where every camper knows that the person sitting next to them at lunch has traveled the same journey. They don’t have to explain their scar, because their bunkmate probably has the same one.  These campers get a chance to not be “that kid” for a week.

Why Should You Support Camp Casco?
  • Every child should have a chance to make s’mores.
  • Every parent should know that their child is happy and safe.

  • Because camp friends are friends forever

  • Campfire songs!

  • Knowing that you have helped create one week of fun, friendship, and fresh air that ultimately creates memories forever

  • Because camp builds independence and confidence that helps the camper that needed “home sick pills” on Monday climb a rock wall on Friday