Team Looney Tunes
Who We Are
A week of fun in the sun for kids with cancer!

Why We Love Camp Casco

"I started volunteering for Camp Casco only a couple weeks after my daughter was born. As a mom, all I want is for my little girl to grow up in a world of fun, love, and laughter. Camp Casco is able to give that experience to these incredible children who have been through so much and deserve all the happiness in the world!" -Michelle

"Camp Casco is a huge part of my life! It means a lot to be able to affect the lives of children who have cancer now to complement the cancer research I do everyday at the bench." -Lara

"I love being a part of Camp Casco! We give these amazing kids a chance to have fun and just be kids again. Seeing them laugh and play together, while pelleting each other with water balloons and singing songs around the campfire, is the best feeling in the world." -Grace