Making a difference, one Bertucci's roll at a time

This past week has felt like a big victory for the Camp Casco team! Our first-ever family social this past weekend really underscored the huge impact a single week of camp can make for both our campers and their families. Feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive, with statements like "[Our child] loved all her experiences and she was well cared for". Seeing the kids so happy to reunite with their fellow campers and counselors, and getting some quality time with our families over Bertucci's famous bread rolls, was rewarding beyond words.

On top of the great experience this weekend, we also received a request for camp brochures from a Child Life Specialist at a local medical center, who told us that one of our campers is treated there, and can't stop talking about what a great experience they had at Camp Casco. There is no better feeling than hearing about our happy campers, and we hope to do an even better job in 2016, when we bring 28 campers to Camp Casco!

It costs about $1800 to send one child to Camp Casco for the week, and we aim to raise enough money to pay for one camper by the end of November. Please consider making a small charitable donation today to help us stay on track to providing Camp Casco 2016! Donate now, or learn about more ways to give here.

Thank you for the continued support which has made all of our success to date possible! We could not make camp possible without you.

Camp Casco