Make a wish to become part of Camp Casco history!


At Camp Reach For The Sky (CR4TS), each cabin group is allowed to choose and decorate a wooden stick during arts and crafts. During our last campfire, each group stands up, makes a wish aloud, and throws their decorated wish stick into the campfire. Wishes often include hoping that all campers are able to return the following year, or that no one is ever affected by cancer again. The next morning, after the ashes have cooled, counselors collect the ashes in small containers that campers can take home with them. The next year, campers bring their containers of ashes back to camp, throw them into the first campfire, and the cycle continues year after year. This is always one of the most touching parts of the week of camp, and is a tradition we are excited to bring to Camp Casco.

Guests at our Gala will receive the unique opportunity to make their own wish sticks! We will have a wish stick decorating table, where, for a suggested donation of $10, you can decorate your own wooden stick, write down your wish, and tie it to your wish stick. All wish sticks created at our Gala will be thrown into our first campfire, and your wish will be a part of Camp Casco forever.

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