Get to know Camp Casco: Meet Jessica Spinelli!

Jessica Spinelli.jpg

It's important to us that our community knows exactly where their money and support is going, as well as the individuals behind the scenes who are making it all possible. Camp Casco is made up of an incredible team of hard-working volunteers who donate their time all year round to allow us to provide one week of camp, free-of-cost. Today we'd love to introduce you to one more of our dedicated volunteers, Jessica Spinelli!

Jessica is a Ph.D. student in Chemical Biology at Harvard University who became involved after receiving an email about us through school. Originally from Long Island, NY, she enjoys dancing, knitting, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. We are thrilled that Jessica will be joining us at Camp Casco as a camp counselor this year, and she will even be teaching a dance class as part of our week's activities! Read on to find out why Jessica decided to get involved with Camp Casco:

I became interested in Camp Casco because I strongly believe that cancer should not prevent one from living their life to the fullest. I have witnessed numerous family members and friends struggle with cancer, and it has deeply touched my heart, directing me to the path I am on today. The recent passing of my Uncle Peter Spinelli who had Leukemia opened my eyes to the emotional struggle one endures after being diagnosed with cancer. Too quickly can this disease take away one’s spirit and liveliness. In joining Camp Casco, it is my goal to ensure that children who have endured this traumatic disease are able to triumph the emotional and mental battles they may face and remain the spirited, effervescent and vivacious children that they deserve to be.

We are beyond lucky to have Jessica and so many other amazing individuals on our team. Learn more about Jessica and the rest of our team here!