Camp Casco's got GRIT!


One of the most important aspects of preparing for Camp Casco is making the entire week as accessible as possible so that children of all ability levels can participate.  Many childhood cancer patients and survivors struggle with limited mobility, so finding ways for campers to navigate the campsite is crucial. We provide specialized all-terrain wheelchairs to allow safe and easy transportation across camp, as do many other summer camps for children with different needs. However, we are thrilled to share that this year we will also be able to offer the GRIT Freedom Chair to older campers with mobility limitations.


The Freedom Chair is a unique type of all-terrain wheelchair often referred to as “the mountain bike of wheelchairs”. By allowing users to push levers instead of wheels, unpaved roads become much easier to navigate, without requiring additional upper body strength. This also gives users the freedom to move across the campsite without requiring a camp counselor to push them at all times. We believe that this will give our older campers a more independent experience, one of our primary goals as an organization.


The Freedom Chair was invented by a group of mechanical engineering students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who later founded GRIT. It was originally designed for and tested in rural areas of developing countries. The Freedom Chair is manufactured in the U.S., and is made of standard bike parts for easy repairs and maintenance. It also disassembles for ease of transport. For more information about the GRIT Freedom Chair, see product information here.

We are so excited to be able to offer Freedom chairs to our campers and would like to express our deepest gratitude to our friends at GRIT for their support. We will also have standard all-terrain Hippocampes available for younger children and campers who are unable to maneuver wheelchairs independently.