How one camper is helping more children come to Camp Casco in 2016!

Our hearts are overflowing today after getting to spend an incredible morning with 2015 camper Ashlynn at George H. Englesby Elementary School.

Left to right: Whitney "Karat" Silkworth, Ashlynn, Grace "Rainbow" Chen, and Erin "Sparkles" Fletcher

Left to right: Whitney "Karat" Silkworth, Ashlynn, Grace "Rainbow" Chen, and Erin "Sparkles" Fletcher

Englesby Elementary wanted to help support Ashlynn through her cancer battle by learning about pediatric cancer, and empowering students to get involved. Their "Have A Heart" fundraiser in February allowed students to donate $1.00 to write a message of support for anyone affected by cancer, to be hung in the cafeteria.

Ashlynn was allowed to select the cancer charity of her choice to benefit from the fundraiser, and we were incredibly humbled to be selected. She explained to us that she loves going to camp, and wants to help other children be able to go to camp, too. Ashlynn and Englesby Elementary raised a whopping $507 to help send more children to camp in 2016.

This morning, we were honored to attend a school assembly, in which the student body celebrated their fundraising success by smashing a pie into their Principal's face!

But the cherry on top of this incredible experience was Ashlynn's surprise performance of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song", completely a capella, in front of the entire school. Watch her performance in the side panel - she is truly unbelievable.

We are absolutely blown away by the compassion of the Englesby Elementary community, and the maturity and generosity of our brave camper, Ashlynn. We extend our sincerest thanks to Ashlynn, her family, and Englesby Elementary for allowing us to be a part of this amazing event, and for helping to send more children to Camp Casco in 2016.

Ashlynn, you continue to inspire us each and every day. Keep kicking cancer's butt!!