2016 Camp Theme Days!

Theme days are a great way to get into the camp spirit! This year, the theme of the week is Cartoons, with each day having its own specific cartoon-related theme. Some of our counselors go all out dressing up for our theme days, and we coordinate games and crafts throughout the week to go along with specific theme days. Campers are also encouraged to coordinate their outfits to fit the theme days. This could be as simple as wearing a Minions t-shirt that your camper already has in his or her closet. Please note - there is no need to go out and spend money on this! Theme days are not mandatory.

This year's theme days, in no particular order, are..... (drumroll, please!):

Monday: Comic Book Day
From old school Marvel, to new school My Little Pony, anything printed will fly for this theme day!

Tuesday: Cartoon Flashback Day
Mickey and friends, Scooby Dooby Doo, Popeye; anything retro will do!

Wednesday: Video Game Day
One word: Minecraft.

Thursday: Disney Day
Classic Daisy Duck, or Phineus and Ferb, and anything in between!

Friday: Favorite Cartoon Day
This one's pretty self explanatory. Let your camper pick his or her movie, TV show, game, or whatnot!

Saturday: Pack Up & Wrap Up Day
Saturday will not have a theme, since we will be spending such a short amount of time at camp on Saturday. We want to streamline the packing process as much as possible, and make sure your camper is comfortable for the ride back home!

Happy packing!!!