Meet our 2016 Camp Counselors!

It takes a lot to make Camp Casco such a special place. Each year is only possible with the help of a dedicated team that is willing to carry out our mission of providing fun for a week and support for life for all of our campers.

Over the next few weeks leading up to our 2016 camp session, we’ll be introducing all of our camp counselors, as well as the camp planning committee and med shed team on the Camp Casco Instagram page. Each entry includes special details such as each counselor’s name, what they’re excited about at this year’s camp, and some special memories of their own. Head over to or look us up at @campcasco on Instagram to see who we’ve already introduced, and make sure to follow us so you never miss an update. We have an awesome group of counselors, med shed experts, and planning committee members we can’t wait for you to meet!