Big Thanks for Small Gifts

This month, we are reflecting on the importance of small gifts at our organization. We are a young non-profit with a relatively small operating budget ($90,000 in 2017), and it's always been important to us to emphasize the impact small gifts can make here at Camp Casco. 

$5 or $10 doesn't always feel like much - it's perhaps enough to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks or a few rides on the T. But many of our donors are college or graduate students without much disposable income, who are giving any amount they can spare that month to support us and our mission.

We often get questions about what kind of impact gifts of this size can have at an organization that costs tens of thousands of dollars to sustain itself. 

In response, we wanted to better illustrate the fact that small gifts are both significant and meaningful here at Camp Casco. We could lay out a laundry list of camp supplies that can be purchased with small gifts (sunscreen costs $8, tongue depressors cost $7.62, sterile gauze pads cost $6.01), but we fear this minimizes the impact you're making on the greater organization.

Instead, members of our volunteer team suggested compiling a list of all small donations we collected in 2017, to demonstrate the collective power of small gifts throughout the year. To that end, we created the image to the right - a graphic in which each snowflake represents a financial gift of $100 or less received in 2017. At closer look, you'll even see the name of the gifter on each individual snowflake.

The gifts represented in this graphic total $10,300- more than 10% of our 2017 operating budget. Forget a bottle of sunscreen or a pack of gauze - these gifts raised enough to cover all of our annual fundraising costs and all of our insurance costs for the year combined. Taken together, these "small" gifts feel anything but small to us. They are the difference between keeping the lights on every month, or not. Frankly, they sustain our organization in a big way.

To summarize, your gifts of all sizes make a difference here at Camp Casco. Thank you for sparing what you can to support local childhood cancer patients and survivors. Your support makes a difference.