Meet The Family (Outreach Committee)!

Betsy "Peaches" Holbrook

Our slogan - Fun for a Week, Support for Life - represents Camp Casco's commitment to not only provide an amazing week of camp each summer, but also to provide sources of emotional support for families affected by childhood cancer throughout the year. Between free family socials, clinic visits, information sessions, and finding opportunities to share, this team is constantly looking for new ways to support our camp families. Read on to learn more about each team member and find out the latest source of support they're providing for our families!

Family Outreach Director and camp counselor Betsy "Peaches" Holbrook leads this team with limitless energy and enthusiasm. Her passion for helping kids affected by cancer started years ago, when she was inspired to start PatPat's Hats, an organization that distributes hats made with love and care to children with cancer. After learning about Camp Casco, we are so lucky that Betsy decided to bring her expertise and innovative ideas (indoor pool party in the winter, anyone?) to our year-round team. Betsy has really helped us step up our family socials throughout the year, and increase our recruitment efforts across the region.

Michelle "Cupcake" Baker

Michelle "Cupcake" Baker brings a wide range of experiences to our team, from her time organizing day camps, to her background in nursing school, and even further, as a new mom! Michelle has contributed to a number of efforts on our team, including organizing our Inside Out family social in April 2016 and boosting our recruitment efforts throughout the year. In addition, Michelle is responsible for coordinating our new virtual information sessions that have been so much fun to watch on Facebook Live! If you've missed our last two, check them out here, and join us on March 4th from 8-9 PM EST as Camp Director Lo walks us through the camp application process!

Brittany "Eevee" Szabo

Brittany "Eevee" Szabo first joined us as a camp counselor in 2016. Her passion for camp and kind nature made her a easy fit for our organization, and she joined our Family Outreach team soon after to help us spread the word even further about Camp Casco. Brittany has assisted with our 2017 recruitment efforts, setting up fun visits to our friends at Christopher's Haven and finding new resources for us to share with our families. Most recently, she is helping to coordinate our first-ever Support For Life Resource Fair, a one-stop-shop for families affected by childhood cancer to learn about the great resources available to them!

Happy Voluntine's Month to our Family Outreach team, and thanks for all you do!