Guess which committee we're granting our first Voluntine to!


Is there any better time of the year than February to tell your loved ones how much you care? We absolutely adore our volunteers, who give so much of their time and energy throughout the year to make our organization possible. Last year, we declared February 11 “Voluntine’s Day” to highlight the amazing individuals who work tirelessly for Camp Casco. This year, we’re declaring February Voluntine’s MONTH! Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll be highlighting a different volunteer committee right here on our blog, starting with today!

For our very first highlight, we want to wish a happy Voluntine's Month to our incredible Grant Committee! This team is a real force to be reckoned with, and they have made massive contributions towards funding our organization in the past year.

Whitney "Karat" Silkworth

The Grant team is led by Whitney "Karat" Silkworth, who also serves as a Board Member and a camp counselor. Her intricate knowledge of all things Camp Casco helps provide the team with essential insights when preparing grant proposals for the coming years. Beyond her deep understanding of our mission and vision, her ability to support and lead her team with patience and encouragement make it no surprise that the Grant Committee has been wonderfully successful to date.

Grace "Rainbow" Chen

Grace "Rainbow" Chen, the team's resident Grant Editor, also serves as a rockstar camp counselor and a familiar face from many of our year-round family socials. Her seemingly limitless energy and true love of all things camp make her not only an amazing volunteer, but a true pleasure to work with.

Lauren Shaib

Lauren Shaib is the team's newest addition, whose passion for volunteering with childhood cancer organizations began with a position the Pablove Foundation. She now writes grants for Camp Casco all the way from Santa Monica, California!! Her dedication to Camp Casco is clear to all who work with her, and we're grateful that she works around time differences and geographic limitations to make our camp possible!

Yi-Jang "Almond Joy" Lin

Yi-Jang "Almond Joy" Lin started out as one of our organization's first volunteers. She began as a "jack of all trades" in our brand-new organization, assisting with our 501(c)(3) application process, taxes, gala planning, and more before joining the Grant Committee. Much of our success as a new organization should be credited to her enthusiasm and willingness to help with anything and everything, for which we are so appreciative.

Athina "Dory" Chartelain

Athina "Dory" Chartelain, our final member of the Grant team, serves as a Grant Writer and a fabulous camp counselor! As if that weren't enough, she also coordinates our weekly communication across all volunteer committees at Camp Casco, bridging the gaps between different groups and ensuring we all remain informed and up-to-date. Athina's passion for camp, insightful ideas, and easygoing nature are a wonderful addition to our team.


With the hard work of the incredible women listed above, does it come as a surprise to any that in the past year, we reached nearly 60% of our target fundraising goal through their efforts alone? Thank you, Grant Committee, for your outstanding efforts throughout the year. We are truly grateful for all you do.