2, 4, 6, 8 - Camp Counselors We Appreciate!

As February comes to a close, it's time for our last Voluntine's Month tribute to the wonderful camp counselors who make our camp week so spectacular. All camp volunteers are at least 18 years old and pass CORI/SORI checks, but they also bring some incredibly unique qualities and experiences to our team that help make Camp Casco the best it can possibly be.

A few examples of the difference our outstanding camp counselors make:

  • Just hours after dropping off her new camper at Camp Casco 2016, one mom shared: "Your team is so amazing. Taco and Moose really won my heart over, they walked us to the bunk house and they were both so kind and sweet and funny! [My son] was smiling the whole time."
  • When one camper was unable to swim at Camp Casco 2016 due to a cast on her leg, two of her counselors wrapped her leg extensively with trash bags and tape so she could still put her feet into the water. But they didn't stop there! Both counselors also wrapped one of their own legs in the same fashion, so she wouldn't feel singled out.
  • One hungry camper felt embarrassed about eating messy foods in front of others in the dining hall. Not to worry - the camp counselors at the table quickly caught on and dug into their own plates of food using only their hands, and making such a mess that our bashful camper quickly felt comfortable getting a little messy himself.

These are just a few short anecdotes of the countless examples of counselors who bend over backwards to make our camp extra-special. From daily costumes to nightly story times, our camp counselors constantly go the extra mile to make each child's experience at Camp Casco the best it can possibly be. We are so proud of these amazing individuals and so grateful for all they do. Check out some photos below of our 2016 camp counselors in action. If you're interested in becoming a 2017 camp counselor or medical volunteer, please visit our Camp Counselors page to apply today!

Thanks for joining us for Voluntine's Month, and a final thank-you to the entire Camp Casco Family for all they do to make Camp Casco possible!!