Our Finance Committee warms our heart!

On cold winter days like this, it's amazing individuals like our Finance Committee members who warm our heart. They work closely with every committee as well as our Board of Directors to ensure that every dollar we receive is put to the best use. From creating our annual and project budgets to tracking the generous gifts we receive throughout the year, this team plays such an essential role in our organization, we don't know what we would do without them!

Mike Moran

Finance Committee Director and CFO Mike Moran joined us as a Finance Committee in late 2015, bringing several years of professional finance expertise to our team. His knowledge and experience made him quickly stand out as a huge asset to our organization, and soon after, he graciously accepted our offer to become our Finance Committee Director and CFO. Since then, Mike has led his team in developing better methods for tracking our expenses and donations, and works closely with our Board Treasurer and Grant Committee to develop budget projections for the coming years.

Kara "Princess" McMichen

Expense Coordinator Kara "Princess" McMichen is a remote volunteer, helping us all the way from Northern California throughout the year. Kara brings lots of great ideas and insights to our Finance team, including coming up with the specific roles that each Finance volunteer currently has! Kara oversees and tracks all organizational expenses throughout the year, ensuring that we stick to our budget (and that we don't go too crazy with camp supply purchases!). We are so grateful for the many ways that Kara contributes to our organization.

Nilu "Noodles" Jariwala

Donations Coordinator Nilu "Noodles" Jariwala is a full-time engineer who tracks all of our donations throughout the year. This is truly no small task; tracking not only generous individual gifts, but event income, sponsorships, grants, partnerships, and more, is quite daunting! Lucky for us, Nilu will begin to implement a better system for tracking gifts year-round this month. In addition to donation tracking, Nilu also came up with the fantastic idea to create a volunteer fundraising challenge, which inspired the Valley Gives Competition that raised $20,000 for Camp Casco in spring 2016.

Happy Voluntine's Month, Finance Committee, and thank you for all you do!