Surviving childhood cancer isn't cheap.

Our first-ever Family Resource Fair is quickly approaching, and with that comes our very first blog post highlighting a few of the organizations who will be in attendance! We're kicking off our first post by focusing on organizations who offer much-needed financial assistance to families affected by childhood cancer.

Surviving childhood cancer isn't cheap. The cost of treatment alone can create a massive financial burden for families, with some medications, treatments, and equipment only partially- or not at all- covered by health insurance. The cost of simply getting to and from treatment can be a huge expense in and of itself, especially if the nearest hospital qualified to treat the child's disease is not close by. In addition, having a child in cancer treatment often requires one parent to quit his or her job in order to keep up with rigorous treatment schedules and provide care for their sick child. This can go on for years. The financial challenges of fighting childhood cancer can take a huge toll on families, who are under enough stress and pressure as it is. This is where our friends Family Reach and One Mission come in.

Family Reach is a financial lifeline for families fighting cancer. For over two decades, Family Reach has been helping families with cancer manage the overwhelming financial and emotional barriers of the disease. Working in close collaboration with a network of more than 185 hospitals and cancer centers nationwide, Family Reach provides immediate financial assistance, education and outreach to qualified families in need. Family Reach grants help cover costs such as: mortgage and rent, transportation, utilities, and other everyday living expenses.

One Mission is a pediatric cancer charity that does whatever it takes to get kids through cancer. One Mission programs make living in the hospital less lonely and stressful, bring back joy in a time of fear and uncertainty, and give kids and their loved ones the support they need to get through the emotional and financial challenges of treatment. Their financial relief programs help to ease the financial burden of pediatric cancer on families so they can focus on what's really important - helping their children fight cancer.

To learn more about what they offer, ask questions, and apply for assistance, please join us on April 1 to meet representatives from both of these amazing organizations!