Local Pediatric Oncologists Join Camp Casco Medical Advisory Committee to Ensure Best Treatment for Campers

L to R: Dr. Jason Law, Dr. Edward Benz, and Dr. Michael Goldberg

L to R: Dr. Jason Law, Dr. Edward Benz, and Dr. Michael Goldberg

BOSTON, MA. -- May 3, 2018 --- Camp Casco, a nonprofit organization offering free camp experiences for childhood cancer patients and survivors, today announced its Medical Advisory Committee, a team of pediatric oncology professionals that will meet once a year to review camp medical policy to ensure the best treatment for campers.

Local pediatric oncology specialists on the committee dedicate time outside of clinic in support of important systems to help childhood cancer patients thrive. Camp Casco’s Medical Advisory Committee held its inaugural member meeting in April 2018, in which specialists from every pediatric oncology clinic in the state of Massachusetts was in attendance, including Dr. Edward Benz, Dr. Howard Weinstein, Dr. Peter Newburger, Dr. Joanne Wolfe, Dr. Christine Duncan, Dr. Elizabeth Mullen, Dr. Jeffrey Vogel, Dr. Jason Law, Dr. Kumkum Bhasin, Katherine Ring, NP, and Dr. Michael Goldberg. The committee discussed a variety of Camp Casco’s policies, including first aid preparation, counselor training requirements, administration of medications and more.

“Our first Medical Advisory Committee meeting brought together top health care providers from all over the state, and prompted important discussions around providing quality care to pediatric oncology patients in a camp setting,” said Christine Duncan, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

“Each committee member is a local hero, who already does so much at clinic for childhood cancer patients and survivors,” said Erin Stern, co-founder and CEO, Camp Casco. “I am incredibly grateful to each member for donating their time and knowledge, going one step further by providing important insights to ensure that all aspects of care at camp are carefully developed.”