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Comfy Accommodations

Courtesy of Camp Wingate*Kirkland

We camp at Camp Wingate*Kirkland in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. Camp Casco requires no camping experience whatsoever! We like to think of Camp Casco as more of an experience in "glamping". "Glamping" refers to "glamorous camping", and means that our campers enjoy electricity, indoor wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, hot water, and single or bunk beds.

Courtesy of Camp Wingate*Kirkland

We stay in individual cabins by same-gender, age-appropriate cabin group. Every cabin is supervised by same-gendered cabin counselors.

The campsite itself is quite large, so we take this into consideration when planning our daily activities to maximize our time and energy. In general, the campsite has wide, flat, dirt paths that are not steep. We take short walks between activities, and all-terrain wheelchairs are always available for any camper to use throughout the week. 

Camp Casco abides by all state regulations for summer camps and will be licensed by the Yarmouth Port Board of Health (previously licensed by the Becket Board of Health). Camp Casco follows the Gold Ribbon standards suggested by Children's Oncology Camping Association, International.