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Outstanding Caregivers

We pride ourselves on selecting the cream-of-the-crop as our camp counselors each summer, and we lovingly refer to our volunteer rock stars as our "Dream Team". Our camp counselors routinely go above and beyond to ensure that our campers have the best week ever. You may notice that our camp counselors all go by nicknames exclusively throughout the week of camp - this adds to the fun and magic of camp for kids, while helping counselors to keep their personal information private and maintain professional relationships outside of camp (no small feat in the social media world!)

To qualify for consideration, overnight camp counselors must be at least 18 years old, pass our comprehensive background checks, meet state immunization requirements, and cannot be related to a current camper. Camp counselor applicants who are selected for further review complete a virtual interview with our team of volunteer managers, where questions range from experience working with individuals with special needs, to their favorite trick to help a child conquer homesickness. Our volunteer managers deliberate and select the best of the best to become camp counselors. 

Once offered a space, camp counselors undergo pre-camp training through our virtual training module. This allows our counselors to get a feel for what to expect at camp, and gives them time to process important information and ask questions. Camp counselors also arrive to our campsite one day early to complete on-site training, where we build on the knowledge instilled through our virtual training module. All camp counselors are very well-prepared to welcome our campers on Day 1 of camp! 

Throughout the week, camp counselors are directly supported by members of our Camp Leadership Team. Our Leadership Team provides constant mentorship and guidance to help each counselor offer the best care possible, and ensure that they all have the best week ever, too! 

Camp Casco abides by all state regulations for summer camps and will be licensed by the Yarmouth Port Board of Health (previously licensed by the Becket Board of Health). Camp Casco follows the Gold Ribbon standards suggested by Children's Oncology Camping Association, International. Camp Casco performs comprehensive CORI/SORI checks, reference checks, and nationwide background checks, on all camp volunteers. Nothing is more important than the safety of our campers.